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Artisan House Day Dream (Firm)

Artisan House Day Dream (Firm)

Artisan House Mattresses
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A New Standard for Quality and Precision

Artisan House mattress are hand-crafted with only the finest materials, ensuring the highest quality mattresses for you and your family.  From our family run facility in Houston, TX we have a tradition of excellence and attention to detail in each and every mattress we produce. Bring our heritage of master crafted luxury into your home and enjoy one of our specially designed and constructed mattresses tonight.


CertiPur Certified Airflow Foam

We stand behind our internal construction with materials that make you feel good, and that we can feel good about providing.  Our high density support layers are made without PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP flame retardants.  You will find no ozone depleters, heavy metals, or formaldehyde in our support layers.  It’s high end comfort construction we can stand behind.


Response Talalay Latex

Derived from the rubber tree, Talalay latex has inherent qualities that make it the perfect mattress material.  Unsurpassed comfort and superior support naturally conforms to body contours, providing superior pressure relief to eliminate pinches and pains that interrupt a good night's sleep.  Talalay latex also provides exceptional durability -- rubber, not plastic, ensure superior comfort life and never requires turning or flipping.  Uniquely healthy, given its inherently antimicrobial and naturally hypoallergenic, Talalay latex is considered a premium component in quality mattresses.   Produced in a water-based versus chemical process, Talalay latex is environmentally friendly.


The Gel Touch

We use the highest quality foams for the optimum sleep experience:

  • Gel Touch Quilt Foam relieves pressure points and enhanced airflow properties create a thermally neutral sleeping environment
  • Posture Zone reduces back pain, stiffness and improves overall sleep quality.*
  • Reflex Memory Foam (High Density Plush Memory Foam) provides thick, plush, pressure-relieving layers.  Our premium reflex foam quickly responds to each sleeper's unique weight, shape, and temperature.
  • Reflex Plush Quilt Foam(High Density Gel Plush Memory Foam) enhances the surface feel in a way traditional materials cannot match.  Unparalleled pressure relief, and thermal control as close to each sleeper as possible.

Motion Absorbing Align Foam

A commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our 150 years legacy inside of the bedding industry.  We believe in solid ‘Foundations’ and our Base Support Foam Foundations are constructed of the highest density foam on the market today.  Our high quality base layers are built to stand the test of time.  


Tencel Fabric

Tencel is a superior grade component of our mattresses, providing exceptional moisture management due to its natural ability to absorb moisture and quickly release it again, which guarantees a dry sleeping climate.  Naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal, Tencel provides no habitat for bacterial growth, mold, or dust mites.  It also provides a natural softness due to the fiber surface.  Tencel's manufacturing process has an extremely low impact on the environment.  Eucalyptus wood from sustainable forestry plantations are used for production and all Tencel fiber comes from plant cellulose and is biodegradable.


Individually Encased Coil Innersprings provide individualized comfort by contouring to your body perfectly.  Our pre-compressed individually encased coils enable each spring to adjust independently of the others to support your favorite sleep position while leaving your partner undisturbed.  We only offer the best in coil spring technology.

LifeEdge: Perimeter Foam Encasement

Patented Life Edge ™ provides greater edge support around the entire mattress perimeter to provide the best in sleep comfort.  We are committed to delivering the most comfortable sleep experience, and nothing performs as well as our foam encased beds.  Our foam edge system adds maximum life to your mattress.